About PolarQuest

Travelling with PolarQuest allows you to enjoy the amazing Polar Regions without having to undertake a scientific expedition or become an explorer with an icy beard. A curious mind and a quest for nature and wildlife is all you need!

Established in 1999, PolarQuest specialises in small ship expedition cruises to the Polar Regions. We take you to some of the most remote and exciting destinations on the planet. Our expeditions are for ordinary people who want to experience close encounters with polar bears in Svalbard or hike on an Antarctic beach among hundreds of thousands of king penguins.

Our expedition ships are built to operate in Arctic waters, are comfortableand take relatively few passengers. This is how we offer an entirely different experience from what you get on a larger and more conventional cruise ship. Each day we make several landings with our sturdy Zodiac crafts and a knowledgeable guide team. Delicious meals and comfortable cabins are also part of our trademarks.

Small groups. We always travel in a small group, which is a must if you want to experience close encounters with the wild. On our trips you have excellent opportunities to photograph, wildlife watch or just enjoy the wilderness. You are in the company of like-minded travellers who enjoy exploration and have a genuine interest in wildlife and beautiful scenery.

All itineraries are flexible, enabling us to make the most of every moment. When walruses are spotted on a nearby beach or if whales suddenly appear ahead, the captain of the ship will slow down so that everyone onboard will get a chance to admire these beautiful creatures.

Knowledgeable and enthusiastic leaders are the key to any successful expedition. On PolarQuest expeditions you will meet guides with solid polar experience and a genuine love for Antarctica and the Arctic. When you call our office you will speak to enthusiastic travel consultants with personal experience from the Polar Regions. They will happily answer your questions about to the trips.

Historic sites. We travel in the wake of great polar explorers. Nansen and Nordenskiöld, Andrée and Amundsen, Scott and Shackleton, all navigated through the pack ice before us. Many relics from these heroic expeditions have been preserved in the cold and dry polar climate, and we make sure to show you the highlights.

We travel carefully through pristine wilderness areas and ecologically sensitive places, always striving to have minimal impact on the environment and the animals. PolarQuest is a proud member of IAATO (International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators) and AECO (Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators), two organisations actively promoting safe and sustainable tourism in the Polar Regions.

Our ReQuest-trips can be described as luxurious adventures in warmer climates. These destinations, offering a unique mix of mighty predators, colourful birds, historical places and exciting cultural meetings, are often difficult or impossible to reach as an individual traveller. Accommodation is carefully chosen and we try to stay away from the beaten track as much as possible.

Secure payment. In accordance with Swedish law, PolarQuest places all your paid money in a bond with the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency until the completion of your expedition.

PolarQuest is part of the Unlimited Travel Group.


Lisa Strom