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South Africa with Mashatu in Botswana

Join a varied adventure of many flavors, in Botswana and South Africa!

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Mongolia ReQuest 2015

On this trip we travel through landscapes characterised by mountains, open steppes, lakes and imposing river canyons towards the dry, but beautiful East Gobi.

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Ireland, Isle of man, Northern Ireland & the Hebrides 2015

Join our small and comfortable expedition ship M/S Quest on an exciting voyage from Ireland to the seldom visited outposts of the Hebrides!

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The Orkney, Shetland & Faroe Islands 2015

Join us on a magnificent expedition cruise to the Orkney, Shetland and Faroe Islands on board M/S Quest!

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Svalbard with Lofoten & Bear island 2015

Join us on an expedition cruise along the dramatic coastline of northern Norway, via the legendary Bear Island to the realm of the polar bear: Svalbard.

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Svalbard 2015

In this brochure you can read about all our Svalbard expeditions with our expedition ships M/S Quest and M/S Stockholm 2015.

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New Zealand ReQuest 2015

Join PolarQuest on an exciting adventure through this breathtaking group of islands in the Pacific Ocean!

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Botswana ReQuest with the Victoria Falls in Zambia 2015

Experience a hard to beat safari in a country oozing with magic – Botswana! The trip’s grand finale is the Victoria Falls, one of nature’s greatest wonders.

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