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About UTG

PolarQuest is part of the Sweden-based corporate group Unlimited Travel Group (UTG). UTG is the leading consolidator of the Swedish niche travel segment, listed on NASDAQOMX First North. Common to all 12 companies is that we are specialist travel agencies/operators with extensive experience of the travel industry. Our goal is to use our in-depth knowledge in combination with our high levels of service. All the companies within the group naturally provide all required travel guarantees according to the Swedish Travel Guarantees Act.

The other companies in the group (in Swedish)
Birdie Golf Tours - Golf travels and schools
Creative Meetings - Business meetings and events
Go Active Travel – Training trips
JB Travel - Group, conference and business travels
Specialresor - Group and business travels
Ski Unlimited – Group travels in the Alps
Travel Beyond– A travel event organizer
Världens Resor – Focused on travels to Asia and South America
Unlimited Travel Production – Tailor-Made group travel
Västindienspecialisten – Travel packages to the Caribbean
WI-Resor - Wandering trips

Read more about the group here: Unlimited Travel Group