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Become a PolarQuest guide

We know that one of the other keys to a successful expedition is having knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides and expedition leaders. Some of polar guides have been with us for 20 year, something that makes us very proud. We are fortunate to receive many applications for guide positions. We also get many questions about what experience/knowledge you need to become a PolarQuest guide. As a first step in your application, we have therefore listed some of our requirements below. The requirements are mandatory for all Expedition Leaders & Assistant Expedition Leaders but are also intended for all other guides. Depending on your level of experience, you might or might not fulfill the requirements, but when applying as a PolarQuest guide, it is important to know what the job involves and what you need to comply with.

• For future opportunities it’s good to be aware what we require and strive for all guides working on the company’s ship based Polar and Sub Polar voyages to have.
• A valid STCW-95 Basic Safety Training certificate including valid Seaman's Medical certificate and valid Seaman's Book
• A valid hunter's license or equivalent, and also adequate experience, training and practice with carrying, handling, cleaning and firing rifles (Arctic only)
• Considerable experience with safe handling of zodiacs. Preferably a power boat certificate, for example RYA II.
• Knowledge of and full acceptance of and compliance with AECO (Association of Arctic Expedition Tour Operators) rules and guidelines. Please find further information on
• Basic insight into the different aspects of local natural and human history, including being able to deliver several relevant lectures and recaps
• Dedication to conservation, protection and minimal impact approach, including utmost respect for both wildlife and local communities.
• Dedication to safety at all times
• Service mindedness and humility

Wish you the best of luck in your search for work!


Please sent your application including a short biographic and a CV to