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Health and safety onboard

Updated: 28th February 2023

On all our expeditions, the safety of our passengers, guides and crew always comes first. We always follow the regulations outlined by the Government of the destination. Before and throughout the Arctic season we reserve the right to amend our safety protocol, based on new developments and/or changed regulations. 


For the past year, Covid-19 has been treated as any other flu. There are no Covid-19 related restrictions or vaccine requirements in place in Norway/Svalbard, Greenland, or Iceland. For PolarQuest’s Arctic trips (from April 2023 and onwards), proof of vaccination is no longer required. However, requirements of the destination can change, and if so, they will always apply. 


As mentioned, covid-19/the Omicron variant is now treated as any other flu and the health and safety procedures on board are similar to those prior to the pandemic. There are no mandatory testing routines on board, but in case someone do test positive, they will need to self-isolate for a minimum of four days. 

Important: good hygiene is, and has always been, important on ship-based voyages. Being on board any vessel results in relatively close quarters. Exposed surfaces will be sanitized daily, and hand sanitizers will be easily accessible in various areas of the ship. To avoid all kinds of colds or flues on board, we ask all our guests and crew to stay in the cabin when sick, to always cough and sneeze into their elbow and to wash hands often and thoroughly. 


It is required that all travellers purchase a travel/interruption insurance as protection against an emergency, which may force you to leave from a trip while it is in progress. It is also strongly advised to have cancellation insurance, should you get sick before travelling. Please make sure the insurance covers Covid-19 related matters. 



The Package Travel Directive – protects the traveller’s rights


As a traveller it is important to know, that when you have booked a trip with PolarQuest, you are protected by the Package Travel Directive. This includes that you have the right to rebook your trip at no cost or cancel with full refund, if your Government, or other relevant authorities, have implemented restrictions against travelling. This includes documented quarantine requirements in the country you are travelling to. However, free cancellation is only possible when it is less than 30 days to departure, provided the travel restrictions are still in place and clearly will affect your trip. You are also entitled to a full refund, should PolarQuest cancel the trip for any reason whatsoever.   

Photo: Martin Berg