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Ana Carla Martinez Guide

The love of Nature, Wildlife and the beauty of Planet Earth is Ana's "leitmotif”. As a professional photographer she earned experience in a renowned studio as well as diverse magazines specializing in travel, wildlife and extreme sports.

Ana co-founded her photo studio in Argentina and has a degree from the University of Barcelona. In 2002 she started working as a photographer, equestrian, hiking and kayaking guide for extreme sports companies in the Pyrenees, Spain. Then she became an expert guide in Central Asia and co-managed the Silk Route for five years.

Ana has worked on GPI vessels sailing in expeditions to Greenland, Baffin Bay, Canada, Svalbard, the Chilean Fiords and other remote places. As a Zodiac driver, she participated in the SAR team of Doctors Without Borders in the Mediterranean Crisis. More recently, Ana has spent time back in Argentina, where she was born.