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Aríen Ramnfjell Guide

Aríen has always felt a pull towards the high Arctic nature. Born in the mountains of Norway, she could early on nurture her love and sense of belonging in nature.

In 2012 she moved to Svalbard where she licensed and educated herself to become a polar guide. Now, whether it is crossing Spitsbergen with skiis or pulka, kayaking in front of glaciers or leading expeditions on expedition ships, she does it with genuine passion and knowledge acquired from years in the field.

With her base in Svalbard, she has also worked in other polar regions such as Greenland, Canada, Alaska, Siberia, the North Pole, and Antarctica. But Svalbard touches a special spot in her heart and keeps her on her edge. The high Arctic archipelago with its changing weather conditions, seasons and wildlife stimulates her forever lasting hunger for adventures. Likewise when she guides guests over fjords, tundra and glaciers.