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Carina Ketterer Guide

This is Carina, she grew up in the Swiss capital Bern, far away from the sea. Being happiest outdoors, Carina decided to make the world her workplace and to become an international tour guide specialising in the polar regions Carina is also a sports fanatic and triathlons in her spare time. But don't worry, she has vowed to slow down the tours to half speed.

Her studies in renewable energy and environmental engineering made her curious about energy production and civil engineering. She would like to to share this curiosity with you!

Carina is a passionate and optimistic person who loves to learn new things. She has a broad interest in wildlife, plants, geography, archaeology, art and science.

As the saying goes: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". So take a step and let Carina share her passion for civil engineering with you and join her on the adventure of a lifetime.