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Daniel Höhne Guide

Daniel has been guiding since 2012 and found his way to Svalbard in 2016. His journey into guiding was a natural progression in his life. Initially driven by a desire to explore Iceland, a place he first visited in 2014 and now calls home, Daniel's passion for guiding began in Germany's small national parks on the Baltic Sea. Over time, he discovered a deep love for guiding in remote areas such as Svalbard, Iceland and Antarctica.

For Daniel, the appeal of Svalbard lies in its remote northern location, its wildlife and landscapes, and the ecological fragility that he seeks to protect by educating his guests about the ecosystem. Working in teams on the ships, with people from different backgrounds and levels of experience, reinforces his love of the North.

For Daniel, an atmospheric and well-captured photograph transcends beauty and embodies passion, emotion and an unforgettable connection with nature. What began as a passionate hobby has become his profession. He finds great joy in guiding those interested in photography and environmental issues, with the aim of sharing the geography of landscapes as well as photographic techniques. He believes in experiencing nature in its pristine state, which requires its preservation.

Echoing Goethe's words, "You can only see what you know," Daniel emphasizes the importance of knowledge for in respecting and protecting nature. Nature photography has been a tool for him to alter his perspective and appreciation of natural wonders, encouraging a harmonious relationship with the environment rather than viewing it as adversarial. His educational background in geography from the University of Tübingen and his ongoing development in nature photography since 2002 have allowed him to engage in a variety of projects in photography and environmental education. For Daniel, engaging with nature is a journey of emotion, passion, personal growth, and freedom.