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Daniel Simonsson Guide

Daniel is a biologist and enjoy everything nature has to offer. He has a huge love for our oceans with a focus on fish and corals. He likes to constantly inspire people around him with findings from our nature. With his binoculars constantly in his hand he is an ornithologist on hobby level.

Our oceans have always fascinated Daniel, and the fact that he became an expert on aquariums is perhaps not so strange. Today he has worked at several public aquariums with everything from small herrings to large sharks. Daniel has also participated in an expedition in the Seychelles to inventory coral reefs. He go diving or snorkeling as soon as there is something exciting to see.

Daniel has studied geology and earth science and has a big focus on understanding the interaction between animals, plants and our environment. After sailing far and wide on all our oceans, Daniel has developed a well-trained whale-spotting eye.