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Gary Miller Guide

Gary’s love of the polar regions began over 45 years ago when he first travelled to the Arctic to study polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba for his MA in Zoology. He has conducted 20 seasons in Svalbard and East Greenland exploring the high arctic and his love of the wildlife, the landscape and the environment is apparent in his enthusiasm for and knowledge of the area.

Gary has studied bowhead whales and gray whales in Alaska and Mexico and also desert bighorn sheep in Arizona for a PhD in Ecology. His life moved south when in 1986 he began research on Antarctic penguins and skuas. Gary has visited Antarctica during 33 of the past 37 years. This  includes ten summers and one winter at research stations where he studied south polar skuas and penguin species like adelie, gentoo, chinstrap, royal, king and emperor penguins. For the past 30 years Gary has split his time between research and ship-based tours where he enjoys sharing his knowledge, enthusiasm and experience with passengers from all over the world.

Since returning to the Arctic in the early 1990s Gary has, apart from the seasons conducted in Svalbard and East Greenland, also led tours to polar bear watching in Canada. Gary is one of the most experienced Expedition Leaders/naturalist/guides working in the Arctic today.