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Henry Páll Wullf Guide and Expedition Leader

Henry is a dedicated polar enthusiast whose profession has taken him around the world. He is born in Germany, but an Icelander at heart. Nowdays he lives in the Karapatna Mountains in Romania. With a passionate interest in the cryosphere and its distinct ecosystem, he is convinced that only through understanding the tightly interconnected environment will we be able to protect it.

Today Henry is a part-time expedition leader for PolarQuest with a special interest in all forms of ice, volcanoes and not least wildlife and cultural. He has worked several seasons in the Arctic with extensive experience from both Svalbard and Greenland. His goal is to share his passion and make others curious to discover the wonderful places that exist in our fragile world. 

When Henry is not on board, he shares his experiences in his podcast, Curiously Polar.​