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Jonas Buhl Guide

Jonas grew up in the homely town of Villingen, Black Forest, Germany. During his studies in Geophysics & Meteorology in Cologne he heard about the possibility of spending a semester abroad in Spitsbergen, where he ended up at in 2022. The incredible vastness, the untouched nature, the silence, and the people immediately captivated Jonas, so he decided to make Svalbard his second home.

After his youth, Jonas moved to Munich, where he completed his Abitur. The proximity to the mountains led Jonas to spend more and more time in nature. During summer, he went on countless hikes and in the winter he had the opportunity to teach snowboarding for several years. Experiencing adventures always ranked first for Jonas, and so he travelled to countries like Azerbaijan, Sudan, but also Iceland, where the high latitudes fascinated him for the first time.

The travelling and the thirst for knowledge about how our world works, how weather occurs etc. finally led Jonas to study geophysics and meteorology in Cologne, which in turn led him to Svalbard.

He is looking forward to sharing this passion with others and letting them benefit from his knowledge!