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Meike Sjoer Guide and Expedition Leader

Already as a child Meike did spend a lot of time in the forest in the Netherlands. During this time she developed a love for nature, wildlife, adventure and especially birds. All kinds of birds have always been a big interest for Meike.

Meike is a storyteller by nature. She loves to share her love for the Polar regions with all her fellow travelers. Sharing wildlife experiences is also part of her other job as a wildlife television director for the Dutch National Television. Her television programs involves nature, wildlife and environmental topics.

When time permits, she also work as a guide for birding and wildlife tours for the Dutch Institute for Nature and Education.

In Antarctica and the Arctic, she is able to create outdoor experiences that challenge people to develop a stronger sense of self and an appreciation of the natural world.

Meike is working in the Northern- and Southern Hemisphere since 2018. She absolutely loves sharing her knowledge and passion for this magical polar world on expeditions with all of you.