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Niklas Nilsson Guide

Svalbard specialist Niklas Nilsson is mainly involved in planning and coordinating expedition cruises to Svalbard, but is also part of the guide team. He has extensive experience of Svalbard and has travelled on all three ships during different seasons, from early spring to late autumn. Niklas is a true nature enthusiast and also an award-winning nature photographer.

With a lifelong passion for spectacular nature, Niklas began his adventures with PolarQuest as a young traveller at the age of 20, visiting remote locations such Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falkland Islands. His travels also extend to Northern Norway, exploring the region's pristine landscapes.

In his free time, Niklas prefers to spend time in the forest or underwater with his camera at the ready. His interest in nature and photography has resulted in a World Championship silver medal and two Swedish Championship gold medals in underwater photography. This dedication not only fuels his professional achievements but also enriches his personal connection to the natural world.