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Noee Knecht Guide

An environmental scientist at heart, Noee is fascinated by all living and non-living things around her. After studying in Svalbard for half a year she fell in love with snow and ice. Her adventurous spirit has always led her to different places around the globe.

Noee is originally from Germany but moved to Switzerland for her studies. However, the mountains were a stronger attraction than the computer and she started hiking, ski touring, snow shoeing and biking.

Her grandma – an arctic explorer fan – sparked the interested for the cold and extreme with her stories from the far north. So Noee went to Svalbard for the first time in 2022 for a 6 months Erasmus stay studying glaciers and sea ice. After living through darkness with polar lights, one month of constant sunrise and the slow revival of biology along with the midnight sun, she left Svalbard with a strong curiosity for arctic biology and geology apart from the love for snow and ice.  And of course, she had the strong urge to return to the far north.

Currently she is studying in the masters programme of atmosphere and climate science at ETH Zürich. She is fascinated and concerned by the climate change impact on the arctic and the potential feedbacks on global temperatures. Guiding for her is not only a passion but also an opportunity to share the fascination for the natural systems and to communicate its vulnerability.