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Piet van den Bemd Guide

As a child Piet developed a strong fascination for nature and wildlife. Together with his parents, he travelled to many different continents and countries, experienced new cultures and more wildlife than he has ever seen in his home country, the Netherlands.

When Piet got his first camera at the age of 16, he became passionated about photography and saw the nature in a new perspective.

Piet visited the Arctic regions for the first time at the age of 17 and lost his heart instantly. The diversity of wildlife, landscapes and culture made his heart beat so much faster. To Piet, being in the Arctic exposed to the elements of nature, is the best feeling. It makes him feel alive and he is always in search for new adventures.

With the camera in his hand, Piet is ready for this next adventure. He is looking forward to share his motivation and enormous passion with all of you this season in Svalbard!