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Sergei Sakharov Guide

Sergei grew up in a small isolated village far in the north of Russia beyond the Arctic Circle. However, it was Antarctica that truly captured his heart when he first set foot there in 2010.

His early days on the seventh continent were spent accompanying and supporting tourist groups and their expeditions into the interior of the continent. Beyond that, Sergei played a vital role in managing environmental initiatives and orchestrating complex logistical operations in the challenging deep field in Antarctica.

One remarkable feat in his career involved embarking on a month-long 4x4 car expedition, spanning over 3000 kilometers across the icy expanse of Antarctica's interior.

Sergei has also visited the South Pole and the coldest place known to humanity, Vostok Station, where a world record low of -89.2°C (-128.6°F) was recorded. Since 2018, Sergei has worked as the Head of Logistics for an expedition cruise company and as a Polar Guide.