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Thijs Holkers Guide

Thijs was born in the Netherlands. He has a huge love for snow and mountains, something that started already at a young age.

Early on Thijs was thrown into a life of sports and outdoor activities and during his many ski-holidays Thijs love for our nature as well as skiing started. Later, during his time at the University, he discovered the possibility to combine sports with nature. This is when he started attending multisport events and adventure racing.

For many years Thijs has guided and arranged ski trips and sport-based holidays for high school students throughout Europe. He also gives lectures at universities about personal development and leadership. He speaks fluent Dutch, English and German. To guide on expeditions in the Antarctic and Arctic regions was a clear goal for Thijs and he really loves to be able to share this amazing experience with others.

When Thijs is not at work, he is outdoors. He loves to read, dream of new adventures and just being in the nature.