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Thomas Egeberg Lund Johansen Guide

Thomas is a trained historian and museum curator and previously lived in Greenland. A country he loves and where he has extensive experience in guiding. Among other things, he has guided on the west coast and in the large fjord Scoresbysund, but also along the ice sheet.

Thomas originally travelled to Greenland to work with healthcare in remote and rural areas. With 57,000 inhabitants spread over 2 million square kilometres, Greenland is a land of remote villages. Thomas also had the opportunity to travel around the country and was completely captivated by its natural beauty and rich cultural history. He later moved to Denmark to work as a museum curator, but continued to work as a guide in Greenland.

The nature is vast and breathtakingly beautiful, but Thomas also likes to focus on the clear traces of the cultures that lived and, to some extent, still live in this remote country. He likes to tell stories about the first Inuit, about Nordic settlers who sent their ivory trappers all the way to the Vatican in Rome, about military bases from World War II to the Cold War, and about modern Greenlandic society today. The stories are always rooted in what we see on our trips.