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Safety Guidelines for Zodiac cruises

Important things to consider while Zodiac cruising.

  • PolarQuest´s Expedition Team will be available to provide full assistance when boarding or cruising in a Zodiac boat. However, we cannot maintain our excellent safety record without your full cooperation. Please familiarise yourself with the following instructions, which will be reviewed by our Expedition staff during the briefing session at the beginning of your journey.
  • Information about weather conditions and what type of landing to expect will be given during pre-landing briefings by the Expedition Team. Final instructions are announced on the PA system, and sufficient time will be provided for you to prepare for the landing.
  • It is recommended you wear a waterproof outer layer and rubber boots whenever boarding a Zodiac. While your Zodiac driver will do their best to keep you as dry as possible, be prepared for occasional "splashes".
  • Zodiacs are boarded from the ship’s platform. Make sure you are wearing your life vest before boarding the boat.
  • Before leaving the ship, always check your name out with the Expedition staff in charge of controlling passengers when disembarking. Similarly, always check your name in when returning on board. It is of utmost importance to know who is on board and who is ashore.
  • Both hands must be free for boarding and disembarking from the Zodiacs. It is recommended that you use a backpack to carry loose items.
  • Crewmen will assist you in boarding and disembarking the Zodiacs. Always accept their help. Hold onto the crewmen by the forearm, using the “sailor’s grip”.
  • To get into the Zodiac from the ship’s platform, step onto the pontoon first and then into the boat. Reversely, when returning on board the ship, step on the pontoon first and then on the platform. NEVER jump into or out of the Zodiac.
  • Don’t walk inside the Zodiac. Instead sit down and then slide along the pontoon to take the position pointed out by the Zodiac driver.
  • The driver is the captain of the Zodiac at all times. Your immediate compliance with the driver’s directions is mandatory and will ensure your safety.
  • While cruising, put your backpack on the floor between your legs and always hold on to the nearest safety rope found along the pontoon.
  • Please remain seated while cruising. Your Zodiac driver will often stop to enable you to take pictures. If you wish to stand, always ask the driver’s permission before doing so. Beware of other passengers taking pictures as the same time as you.
  • When disembarking ashore, from your sitting position, slide along the Zodiac pontoon towards the bow and swing your legs over the pontoon one at a time. The Expedition Team and crew will aid you in disembarking. Please follow their instructions closely.