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On all of our trips we try to treat both wild animals and nature with respect and therefore ask you to keep the following in mind: 

• Watch your step. Keep to established paths when possible. Exercise extreme care among breeding colonies of seabirds. Be aware of ground nesting birds. Follow the instructions given by your guide. 
• Approach wildlife very slowly when taking photographs. It is important to remember that your photography is not over when the shutter clicks. Make your retreat from the subject in the same way you approach. The key point to remember is to not cause the animals any distress. Never disturb wildlife for the sake of a photograph. 
• Monitor your surroundings and be sensitive to any disruption you may be causing. If an animal shows signs of distress or avoidance, move away 
• Look but never touch. These are wild animals going about their daily business of their lives. We wish to observe natural behavior in its natural state. 
• Never feed any wild animals. 
• Never clap your hands or throw a rock or anything else to get animals attention. 
• Always follow the instructions that you are given by the guides.