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Equipment list


As there will be quite a few different activities, some variation in clothing is necessary. However, if possible, bring only one piece of luggage in addition to your hand luggage.



  • Light summer clothes like shorts and T-shirts (the dress code on board is informal).
  • Swimming gear.
  • For the ladies maybe a sarong or light beachwear.
  • A thin rain jacket/wind jacket. We can experience short rain showers during the trip.
  • Warm sweater for cool nights.
  • A large brim hat or cap for protection against the sun.
  • A pair of walking shoes or ankle high, sturdy sneakers.
  • A pair of sandals.
  • When up in the highlands it might get very cold, especially mornings and evenings. Good to pack a thick fleece/jacket, long pants and even gloves.  




  • Copies of your passport, airline tickets and insurance card.
  • Converter for South America.
  • Seasickness pills if you are prone to seasickness. (At this time of year the seas are normally calm, but just in case.)
  • A good pair of binoculars.
  • A back pack to put your stuff in when going ashore in the dinghies (pangas).
  • Sun cream with very high factor.
  • Sunglasses (preferably polarised sunglasses).
  • Any medicines that you take.
  • Your own snorkelling mask, if you have one and are planning on snorkelling. The ship carries snorkels, fins and masks, but it is always more comfortable to wear your own mask.
  • Walking sticks. Please note: If you bring these they have to fit checked-in luggage.



  • Camera and lots of memory cards!
  • Charger
  • Camera case for protection against dust and water during the trip
  • Extra batteries for your camera