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Pre-departure information


Please note to have plenty of time at the airport. We recommend at least 2 hours, (preferably 3 hours) prior to departure.


Note that we will find ourselves in remote areas and it is only sporadically available phone connections and Internet access.

Credit CARD

VISA and MasterCard are generally accepted in Ecuador.


Ecuador has 110-120 volt.


Avoid raw vegetables and peeled fruit. However the hotels and restaurants that we are staying at have a very high standard when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene.

If special needs exist, such as special food, this must be notified to PolarQuest in good time before departure.


Make sure that you have taken out comprehensive travel insurance.


The permitted international luggage is usually 1 suitcase between 20- 23 kg per person. Please note that on the domestic flight between Guayaquil - Galapagos there is a maximum of 20 kg per person. Carry-on luggage is between 5-8 kg.


Luggage that goes missing on scheduled flights is beyond our control. Please pack a small bag with your essentials, including any life sustaining medication, which can be carried with you as hand luggage. If you have a travel companion, we recommend that you pack a few items in each other’s luggage. If your luggage goes missing, you will still have some of your items and a change of clothes available.


Please notify PolarQuest in good time before departure if you have a health condition that should be noted. This includes any regular medication or allergy to food, medicine or insect bite etc.

If you occasionally are in need of assistance due to reduced hearing, reduced eye sight or poor mobility, please note that you must have someone travelling with you. Our guides have to be available to all passengers on board and can unfortunately not provide special attention to someone in need of extra assistance.


IMPORTANT! Most countries require that the passport must be valid for at least six months after the return date. Please contact your local Embassy for more information


The places we visit are generally very safe. The usual precautions apply, especially in the cities. Leave expensive valuable jewellery at home.


Tipping is included in the trip.


We recommend you to consult your physician about vaccinations in good time before your departure.


In the tropical heat in Galapagos and at high altitude in Quito and in Cuenca it is important to drink plenty of water. Drink more than you are used to. We will provide you with bottled water during the excursions. Do not drink the tap water.