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Covid-19 Protocol



On all our expeditions, the safety and well being of our passengers, guides and crew always come first. The policies outlined below, is a summary based on the information currently available, but should information, over-all health situation or restrictions in any way change, our safety protocol will be revised. As a minimum, we will always follow the regulations outlined by the Government of the destination, but if needed, we will also implement additional precautionary measures. Closer to departure you will receive a more detailed protocol regarding infection control measures, what everyone on board need to think of and how you can contribute. We will also add important links that will enable you to see any potential requirements or restrictions when travelling to Norway. 


Everyone travelling with PolarQuest, including guides and crew, must be vaccinated against Covid-19. You are obligated to bring a Digital Covid Certificate, issued by a healthcare authority. This requirement is not a subject to change.

The following testing routines apply today, if you have a valid Covid-19 certificate. Please note that these regulations might have changed by the time of your travels: 

  • As per today, upon arrival to Norway, you need to get tested for Covid-19. This is a service offered at the airport. To be allowed to continue to Svalbard you need to receive a negative test result. 
  • You will then need to take another test upon arrival to Longyearbyen, Svalbard. This needs to be negative in order for you to travel onwards to the hotel or ship. If you receive a positive result, you will not be allowed to embark and will most likely be placed in quarantine. 
  • If you have stayed one or several nights in hotel i Longyearbyen prior to departure, you might need to take an Antigen test before embarking. 

There will also be testing kits on board, should it be necessary to test anyone during the expedition.


All our guides and crew follow the same protocol as our passengers. Since our guide team changes every two to three weeks, our guides will also, for at least 7 days prior to departure from home, observe enhanced hygienic practises, including limited social interactions. 


There will be thorough safety protocols on board, every space on board will be sanitized on a daily basis and hand sanitizers will be easily accessible in all different areas of the ship. If needed, there will be protocols on board in regards to distance keeping. More specific information will be available closer to departure.


It is required that all travellers purchase a travel/interruption insurance as protection against an emergency, which may force you to leave from a trip while it is in progress. Please make sure this insurance covers Covid-related matters, including a positive test result whilst travelling.


Once your expedition ends, your responsibilities remain. Please be aware of any symptoms once you have left the vessel. If you need to present a negative test result upon arrival to your home country, testing can for the time being only be done at the airport in Oslo. Please take into account that an extra night in Oslo might be necessary. A test carried out on board the ship is not a legit travel document.