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Guest feedback 2023

During the Arctic season of 2023, we have had the privilege to welcome a great number of happy travellers back home from Svalbard. The positive comments are often about the guides, and how well they have been taking care of our travellers.

New for this year is that we send out a short evaluation form, where the ratings give us a net promotor score (NPS). NPS is a customer loyalty and satisfaction measurement taken from asking customers how likely they are to recommend your product or service to others. On a scale from -100 to +100, PolarQuest has received a score of +92. In this specific kind of measurement, and how it is calculated, everything above 50 counts as excellent. As you understand, +92 is a number to be very proud of. 

Below are some of the comments sent in by our travellers, sorted by ship and departure. Please note:

  • Sub-chartered departures are not parttaking in the evaluation as PolarQuest is not their guests' first point of contact.
  • Travellers booked via an agent are not parttaking either for the same reason as above.
  • The number of responses we received varies between trips.
  • The number of Swedish versus English comments varies, therefore there is a mix of both languages below.
  • The below are just extracts from customer comments that come with the evaluation.





Suverän expeditionsledare - fantastiskt duktiga och engagerade guider. Bra båt och mycket duktig personal ombord. Bra med många utflykter och resans upplägg.

Era guider var helt fantastiska, gav allt och var hela tiden på tå för att maxa vår upplevelse. Maten och de som jobbade på båten var oxå jättebra och trevligt skött.


The guides were incredible. It was so well organized and everything flowed perfectly. The ship was great! Food incredible and the staff were top shelf.

Proffsigt rakt igenom från bokning till avfärd hem. Fantastiska och kunniga guider och besättning. Trevlig stämning mellan alla ombord. Har redan rekommenderat andra att göra resan.


We had a fantastic time and it felt like PolarQuest was very engaged and made the over all experience top notch.

Vi hade en fantastisk resa där all personal både expeditionsledarna, köks- serveringspersonal och skeppare gjorde sitt bästa för att vi skulle ha det bra! Stämningen var så härlig och det smittade av sig på alla gästerna som var både öppna o trevliga!! 


Well organised tour with fabulous guides and crew who all genuinely wanted the trip to be the best it could possibly be. We are so glad we went with PolarQuest in a small ship.

Fem otroligt engagerade, kunniga, expertguider! Och expeditionsledaren höll ihop alltsammans föredömligt! Fantastiskt djurliv och så vacker natur! Lärorika föreläsningar! Maten och servicen ombord!


The whole package was great! Our team of 5 guides clearly demonstrated solid polar experience and a genuine love for these regions and made the most of opportunities that arose during our expedition. 

Det var en mycket trevlig resa, ett fint rum, ett vänligt och hårt arbetande serviceteam, en fantastisk besättning och en mycket kompetent och mycket trevlig expeditionsledare och fantastiska guider.


Bra logistik, kunniga entusiastiska guider, trevlig personal på båten, god mat - att få gå till dukat bord! Bra program!

Det var en mycket trevlig upplevelse. Personalen ombord var väldigt trevlig och guiderna väldigt engagerade och kunniga.


Excellent booking process, questions were always answered timely. The crew and guides were friendly and made the trip a wonderful experience.The ship was clean and in good shape. There were always numerous choices of foods and everything tasted great. Guides were also very knowledgeable. The itinerary and wildlife sightings exceeded our expectations.

Fantastiskt bra guider! Så kunniga och pålästa om Svalbard. 


Even though I traveled with 49 other people (rather than 11), I still experienced a caring community of guides and others who make a trip like this possible. I felt welcomed each day as I ate my meals and participated in the daily Zodiac adventures. Safety was a number one priority, which allowed us to experience Svalbard and all its beauty within a context of knowing this is a wilderness. Our guides did an excellent job of taking us to places where we could observe the wildlife whether in the Zodiacs or on the ship. Their enthusiasm for the Arctic animals and plants was contagious. This was a memorable and joyful adventure! 

Fantastiska naturupplevelser, trevlig båt och mycket kompetenta guider. 


Everything was excellent. We left our full answers with same in your detailed questionnaire at the last day prior to disembarkation. Once again CONGRATULATIONS

Upplevelsen som blev så bra av de kunniga guiderna och det professionella arrangemanget.


Excellent team of expedition leader and guides. Their care and concerns about protecting wildlife and environment. Deep knowledge of EL. Gracious hotel team. Captain and his crew’s great job on getting us to places of interest safely. Additionally, we really enjoyed interacting with fellow travelers…felt lucky to have interesting group of people. 

En reseupplevelse som stannar kvar för resten av livet! Man blir uppfylld av intryck och allt lärorikt vi har fått ta del av. Med så proffsiga, kunniga, trevliga guider och personal på båten, så kan man inte annat än att vara supernöjd! En perfekt båt för ändamålet. Och så hade vi tur med vädret! 




Great experience on MS Stockholm on our Svalbard Expedition mid-May. Great guides and our 10 Swedish fellow travelers were lovely company

Det var en helt fantastisk resa med M/S Stockholm! Den svenska besättningen, maten, båten och båda guiderna - bättre går inte att önska sig! Alla 12 passagerare var lyriska. Och allt vi fick uppleva. Det går inte att beskriva.


M/S Stockholm - vilken pärla!! Kapten, besättning, guiderna, båten, hytterna - allt fantastiskt bra! Bra bemötande oh tydlig information från PolarQuest från första kontakten till hemresan.

I stort sett allting var så bra som det kunde bli!


Effective planning process. Excellent service and care on MS Stockholm (outstanding food, friendly and professional crew, emphasis on safety and comfort). Very knowledgeable, experienced and personable guides. Last but not least, access to beautiful, remote wilderness, rare sightings of wildlife and locales for historic arctic exploration in the company of dedicated travelers. A once-in-a-lifetime experience! 

MS Stockholm og besetningen skaper en familiär stämning som hever opplevelsen naturen gir, til et ekstra nivå. Dyktige og kunnskapsrike guider som gir alle oppmerksomhet. Tusen takk! 


Mycket lyckad resa som uppfyllde alla förväntningar. Kunnig och trevlig besättning och guider. Bästa och gemytligaste båten! 

De här var 4:e resan med er och det mesta har funkat väl. Alltid fina upplevelser och goa intressanta guider.


The trip was extremely well run and the experiences were highly memorable and life changing. We travel a lot and consider this trip exceptional.

Loved the ship, excellent guides, small group!


Många delar som gör en fantastisk resa, Båten med besättning, trevliga hytter och miljö. Maten, mycket bra och tog hand om rester till nya rätter...Guiderna trevliga och med erfarenhet som gav mycket intressant information.

Helheten. Upplevelser, djurliv, närheten, guider, båten. Allt.


The trip on the Stockholm was fantastic for several reasons: 1. We went to parts of Svalbard that are rarely visited 2. The crew was very friendly, helpful and just fun to be with. 3. The guides were very knowledgable, experienced and worked well as a team, so the passengers always felt safe.

Helhetsupplevelsen som utgjordes av profssiga guider och besättning, den fina rutten, naturupplevelserna med djur och landskapen som var helt fantastiska.En fantastisk “bubbla” att befinna sig i under 11 dagar. Tack!


Den stora mängden upplevelser. Det intensiva programmet. Bra guider. Gemenskapen som uppstår i en liten grupp.

Helt fantastiska guider!​

Photo: Erik Edvardsson




Hela upplevelsen egentligen, men särskilt de kunniga och allmänt trevliga guiderna!

The guides were superb.


We had excellent wildlife viewing and excellent guides.

Fick de absolut bästa guiderna på resan som gjorde allt o sitt yttersta för att vi skulle få se o göra så mkt som möjligt.


From the moment we arrived at the hotel in Longyearbyen to the last day leaving for the airport, our guides took great care of us. Our guides were superb, they worked so hard and were so friendly and helpful.

Djur och natur - mäktiga upplevelser. Bara isen är värt en resa. Båten, den goda maten, den trevliga besättningen och den lugna trygga kaptenen. Guiderna... Toppklass! Jag är nöjd med precis allt!


The guides and the ship s crew were all wonderful and did everything possible to ensure the best possible experience for everyone on the trip. I appreciated the focus on safety and respecting the wildlife. 

All well organised; good communication and information pre-departure; high quality of the ship and staff; good guides.


The cruise was great. The boat, the crew, the captain, our room, all were exceptional. And the guides were wonderful.... just fantastic.

Svalbards natur! Mycket proffsiga och trevliga guider. Välordnat och välfungerande från PolarQuests sida.


The entire trip was amazing! The guides were phenomenal, the crew was exceptional and the coordination through Polar Quest was outstanding…great job! 

Amazingly wonderful trip! Guides were fabulous, loved traveling in a small group, saw so much wildlife, landscapes were beautiful, ship and crew were comfortable and friendly.


Fantastisk resa, en unik naturupplevelse, kunniga trevliga guider, god mat och härlig båt. Underbart minne för livet.

Hela resan var helt fantastisk!! Det finns absolut inget att klaga över. Guiderna var superbra - engagerade, kunniga, omtänksamma och roliga.


The guides were exceptional and the ship and crew were wonderful too!

The crew and expedition guides were great at ensuring that we had a memorable experience.


Photo: Beau Pruneau
Photo: Erik Edvardsson
Photo: Niklas Nilsson
Photo: Patrik Jonasson
Photo: Patrik Jonasson