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For each passenger travelling with us to Svalbard PolarQuest pays NOK 150 to the Svalbard Environmental Protection Fund. The fund’s resources will be uses to initiate and stimulate good projects and initiatives with the purpose of looking after the lofty environmental goals for Svalbard. Since the fee was introduced in 2007, PolarQuest has contributed with more than two million Swedish Krona.


Did you know that approximately 85% of all trash littered on earth end up in our seas? If we do not act now, our seas will contain more plastic than fish already in 2050. Due to these facts, PolarQuest is a PLOGGA ambassador. PLOGGA is a Swedish concept that stands for picking up trash while jogging. This popular movement is now spreading all over the world. You do not have to jog, walking works just as well! Become an everyday environmental hero.


PolarQuest is one of the main sponsors of the project Polar Bears and Humans, initiated by nature photographer Ole Jørgen Liodden. Today, hunting, scientific activity and tourism are directly interfering with the life of the polar bears. Climate change and pollution, also linked to human activity, are also affecting the Arctic King. Still, some important questions are rarely asked: How many polar bears are killed annually? Is hunting sustainable? Is the population of polar bears decreasing or increasing? Is the current polar bear management successful? Are there any red flags regarding the trade of polar bear skins? Are there any alternatives to hunting for the Natives? These are some of the questions very few authors, researchers or organizations are asking. This project wishes to publish information about these topics and address important conservation actions. The first outcome will be a high-quality book, that will combine scientific facts, photo stories and interviews. Read more at:


TOFT was founded by travel operators concerned about the vulnerable tiger and has been awarded for its work within the Indian wildlife tourism. For every trip PolarQuest does to India we donate GBP 200 to support the campaign. For further information, please visit


The black rhinos of the Kuene region in north west Namibia are the first and only rhinos who have adapted to a drier environment and the rhino species that has survived and even increased in numbers outside an officially protected park area.

Despite this, illegal poaching has become a larger problem in Namibia. Therefore, Wilderness Safaris Namibia (our local agent) together with several other African stakeholders started a long-term collaboration to protect this amazing animal.

PolarQuest supports this project and for every guest that travels with us to Namibia we donate 700 Rand to Namibia Black Rhino Conservation Support. The money will, for example, be used to invest in more vehicles to help the surveillance of the rhinos. Please, read more about the project here:


Root to Fruit is a Malawian-European social enterprise with the ambition to address global warming in a sustainable and socioeconomic context. They offer individuals or businesses the opportunity to compensate for the carbon footprint of your daily life, travel adventures or business ventures. PolarQuest has planted trees though Root to Fruit and the groups that have travelled with us to Malawi have visited the nursery. We have also planted trees as Christmas gifts to our employees.