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Mongolia ReQuest 2019

Experience Genghis Khan’s country – the magical Mongolia! This is nomad country still, and a virtually untouched wilderness. Along with our PolarQuest tour leader and Mongolian guide, we travel through landscapes characterised by mountains, open steppes, lakes and imposing river canyons towards the dry, but beautiful East Gobi.

Accommodation: Ger tents, hotel in Ulaanbaatar. Transport: Flight, Jeep/bus, train, boat/raft, by foot. Guides: 2 guides. Participants: 8 - 14 participants. Languages: English & Swedish. Length: 14 days. Price: From USD 8 590. Departure: 19 July 2019


Day 1: London – Ulaanbaatar

Depart from London and fly over night towards the capital of Mongolia.

Day 2: Ulaanbaatar

We arrive in Ulaanbaatar, where we check in at a comfortable hotel. After lunch we explore the capital and in the evening we enjoy nice welcome dinner.

Day 3: Lake Hövsgöl

We now head towards the wild northern parts of Mongolia. We take a domestic flight to Mörön and continue by road through a pastoral landscape of forest lands interspersed with steppe, rivers and agricultural fields. The last bit of the way we travel by boat to Ardavhar Peninsula and our lakeside ger camp. Lake Hövsgöl is one of Asia’s preeminent natural wonders. Wild mountains and forests surround the deep, clear lake, which is often called the dark blue pearl. It is situated at 1645 meters above sea level and is the “twin lake of Baikal”. On a sunny day its water is beautifully azure-blue. Lake Hövsgöl is a place of great natural beauty and biological significance and the people of Mongolia have established it as one of their first modern National Parks. The near by mountains provide refuge for brown bear, red deer and wild boar, but they will most likely remain invisible to us. The next two nights we stay at our lovely lakeside ger camp, exploring and learning more about this fascinating fresh water ecosystem.

Day 4: Lake Hövsgöl National Park

Today we hike and explore the shoreline and forests of Lake Hövsgöl. Here we visit Tsomo Had, a sacred rock peninsula heading out into the crystal clear waters. While strolling the hills and along the lake, our guide will teach us more about the region’s traditions, landscape and biodiversity. The purity of the air is nearly equal to the purity of the water and as the sun sets across the lake, we enjoy an evening drink and a relaxing dinner.

Day 5: Hövsgöl River Canyon

In the morning we drive across the mountains, steppes and forests of Hövsgöl Aimag. This is a beautiful area, populated by traditional nomads. Hopefully we pass herds of sheep, goats and horses. But perhaps the most characteristic animals are the numerous yaks. Yaks are beasts of burden and they supply the locals with milk, wool and meat. On the way we stop to visit one of the nomad families and get our first introduction to their fascinating and inspiring culture. The open steppe and forested land gradually give way to ever tighter mountain valleys, before reaching the extremely remote Hövsgöl River Canyon. This is one of Asia’s most beautiful and wild rivers. Spectacular high cliffs and rock pinnacles carved from limestone and granite flank the valley. We overnight at River Gerscape camp.

Day 6 – 7: River adventure, Delgermörön

Boat travel is the best way to explore this magnificent wild and scenic river and on one of the following days we experience a full day float trip downstream. Our river day starts with coffee and tea, followed by a hearty breakfast. We then prepare our daypacks and head towards the boats. There is also an option to walk along parts of the river or take another route by car. We stop and enjoy lunch served streamside before we continue our adventure. In the evening we arrive at our camp and enjoy another delicious dinner in the wild. During our stay here we also have the
opportunity to explore the area on foot and if lucky we meet some locals and learn more about the nomad lifestyle.

Day 8 – 9: Ulaanbaatar

We drive to Mörön and fly back to Ulaanbaatar, where we stay two nights at a hotel. We have a full day this fascinating capital with visits to for example the famous landmark Chinggis Square.

Day 10: To Ikh Narth

Today we travel through the Mongolian countryside. Open and gree n surroundings, small villages and nomadic settlements pass outside the window. The steppes soon give way for the more dry Gobi landscape. After a 6 hours drive we reach Red Rock Ger Camp in Ikh Nart Nature Reserve in Dornogobi (East Gobi).

Day 11 – 12: Ikh Nart Nature Reserve

We have two full days exploring the reserve. The desert and steppe landscape is beautiful and rugged, with huge rock formations and crevices. Ikh Nart Nature Reserve is perhaps the best place in the world to see the handsome Argali sheep, with its large, curled horns, as well as the first class mountaineer, the Siberian ibex. In the area there is also a fair sized population of Cinereous vulture, one of the world's largest and heaviest flying birds, with a wingspan of up to three meters. The Ikh Nart area is also of historical and archeological interest. Here we find old remnants of ransacked monasteries, petroglyphs and graves from various periods. We are also introduced to our camp's two Bactrian camels. Riding a camel is a wonderful and somewhat rocking experience and for those interested in trying, it can be arranged during our stay. The nomads living in this dry area have challenges very different from the kinds in the Western civilizations. We hope to visit the nearest nomad family, which might have had to move quite far away for grazing land, and to get to know their way of living in this harsh environment.       

Day 13: Ikh Nart – Ulaanbaatar

In the morning we drive back to Ulaanbaatar, and make a stop for lunch on the way. In the evening we enjoy a lovely farewell dinner.

Day 14: Depart Ulaanbaatar

After our last Mongolian breakfast, we head towards the airport and begin our journey home. We arrive in London late evening, bringing with us fantastic memories, many photos and new friendships!

Please note: This itinerary is subject to change. We will adjust it to the weather as well as to the possibilities to visit nomad families. Flexibility is the key to a successful adventure!


It is difficult to put ones finger on what makes Mongolia so out of the ordinary. There is a special atmosphere here, not easy to explain in text or with images. The size of Mongolia is three times the size of France, but it inhabits only 3 million people, of which many are still living traditional nomad lives with cattle and gers. The country is best described as an everlasting, untouched and spectacular wilderness. To describe the friendly and remarkable nomad culture is impossible; it just has to be experienced!


  • Adrian Nordenborg
  • Nomadic Journey
  • Ingmar Skogar
  • Adrian Nordenborg
  • Adrian Nordenborg
  • Adrian Nordenborg
  • Ingmar Skogar
  • Adrian Nordenborg
  • Adrian Nordenborg

Our ger camps are basic but comfortable. All camps have flush toilets or dry toilets, all with proper seats, and there will be shower possibilities throughout the trip. We sleep in comfortable ger tents with proper camp beds. The cook and camp staff are some of the best in the business and we will get to enjoy a variety of food and local specialities. In the evenings, we relax around the campfire and watch the fantastic display of stars in one of the most spectacular wildernesses in the world.


Room category Price per person
Double room USD 8 590
Single room USD 10 140

Price includes

  • Economy flight London - Ulaanbaatar - London
  • Flight Ulaanbaatar - Mörön
  • All other transports
  • All accommodation
  • All meals
  • All beverages
  • All activities described in the itinerary
  • All gratuities
  • A PolarQuest guide
  • Experienced and knowledgeable local guides
  • Comprehensive pre-departure material and a post expedition log book
  • The trip is climate compensated

Not included

  • Connecting flights to London
  • Travel and cancellation insurance
  • Visa costs (if applicable)

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