M/S Stockholm

The M/S Stockholm is a classic vessel built in 1953 for the Swedish National Maritime Administration. In 1999 she was totally refitted and started her career as a comfortable polar passenger ship. The M/S Stockholm exclusively carries a maximum of 12 passengers in outside twin cabins, all with upper and lower berth and private facilities. She is a marvellous piece of maritime history with beautiful brass details and pine decks. No wonder the M/S Stockholm is loved by so many!

On board the ship you will enjoy delicious meals in the company of likeminded travellers who enjoy the natural world, and who are as fascinated by the remote areas. The food on board is of a high standard. All wine and beer are included in the trip fare. With such a small party on board, this is like travelling on a private yacht. An entirely different experience and perspective to that of a larger and more conventional vessel! The M/S Stockholm is also ideal for private parties who wish to experience a true expedition adventure.

The owner, Captain and crew of the ship have long experience, and are actively involved in making expeditions in tune with nature conservation. The crew onboard M/S Stockholm are great enthusiasts of the unique wildlife and unspoilt nature too, so do not be surprised if you suddenly see the chef ashore taking photographs or studying birds, whenever his time permits. The genuine curiosity of the crew is a prerequisite for expedition cruises of this kind. A trip on board M/S Stockholm with unique wildlife and pristine nature is an experience of a lifetime, simply hard to beat.

M/S Stockholm
Foto: Florian Möllers
Foto: Katharina Möller

M/S Stockholm is used on the following trips:

photo: Niklas Nilsson

Whales and Northern Lights in Norway with M/S Stockholm 2016

Join M/S Stockholm on an exciting trip in true expedition style! In early November she heads out in the fjords outside Tromsø, where, in recent years, large groups of humpback and orcas have been gathering…

Walrus in Svalbard

Exploration of Svalbard with M/S Stockholm 2017

To travel on board M/S Stockholm is a truly unique experience. The atmosphere and the enthusiastic crew make the trip extraordinary. To change course and explore new areas in true expedition style, is not unusual events on…

Expedition cruise in Svalbard

Svalbard adventure with M/S Stockholm 2017

A trip on board M/S Stockholm is an experience of a lifetime! The atmosphere, the curiosity on board, the classic interior and the delicious food are elements that make this trip unique. The midnight sun reigns supreme,…


The Norwegian fjords, Bear Island & Svalbard with M/S Stockholm 2017

Join M/S Stockholm on a great adventure, exploring some of Norway’s most exciting and scenic locations. Our stops along the Norwegian coast include the majestic Storfjord, the charming town of Ålesund and the picturesque fishing village…

Photo: Adam Rheborg

The Orkney & Shetland Islands on board M/S Stockholm 2017

The Orkney and Shetland Islands offer their visitors spectacular nature, remarkable bird life and fascinating history. For the collector of remote islands this is a unique opportunity to reach several exciting islands such as Fair Isle,…

Photo: Adam Rheborg

The Hebrides with St Kilda on board M/S Stockholm 2017

Experience the exciting outposts of the Hebrides! Followed by gannets, fulmars and puffins we explore the green island Iona, the spectacular Fingal’s Cave on the small island of Staffa and other beautiful islands. We also take…