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About PolarQuest

Established in 1999, PolarQuest has long experience of arranging small ship expedition cruises in Svalbard. Every expedition is unique and our aim is that each passenger will have the trip of a lifetime. Travelling with PolarQuest allows you to enjoy the amazing Arctic wilderness without having to undertake a scientific expedition or become an explorer with a beard full of ice. All you need is a curious mind and a desire for wildlife adventures!

Small groups - close encounters

Travelling with PolarQuest means travelling in small groups, a necessity to experience close and exclusive encounters with the wild. Small groups offer great flexibility when it comes to landings and making the most of opportunities that arise during an expedition. Travelling in small groups allows us to maximize the time spent ashore and the quality time for each guest “out in nature”. The Zodiacs are one of the secrets behind a successful expedition cruise. With these safe and sturdy rubber boats we navigate among icebergs, cruise along glaciers and go ashore to get unique nature experiences. Each day, our goal is to make several landings or cruises with our Zodiacs. Our Zodiac operation is fast and efficient and all guests can get ashore on short notice.

Our expedition cruises & ships

We strongly believe that small ship expedition cruises are the best way to explore Svalbard’s icy wonderland and enjoy close wildlife encounters. Our small, comfortable ships make it possible for us to reach some of the most inaccessible areas. They are able to venture close to shore and into small fjords. Delicious meals and comfortable cabins are also parts of our trademark. Travelling on a small expedition ship offers a more relaxed and informal atmosphere, a much greater focus on the destination and more time ashore than larger vessels. The exact route depends on weather, ice conditions and the wildlife we encounter. Flexibility is the key to a successful expedition!

Experienced guides & sales staff

We know that one of the other keys to a successful expedition is having knowledgeable and enthusiastic leaders. Travelling with PolarQuest, you will meet guides with solid polar experience and a genuine love for these regions. When calling our office, you will talk to personnel who are passionate about our expeditions and have personal experience from the Polar Regions.

Our Request-trips

Our ReQuest-trips can be described as luxurious adventures in warmer climates. These destinations, offering a unique mix of mighty predators, colourful birds, historical places and exciting cultural meetings, are often difficult or impossible to reach as an individual traveller. Accommodation is carefully chosen and we try to stay away from the beaten track as much as possible.


Our small ships bring you to pristine wilderness areas. We travel carefully through these ecologically sensitive places, striving to minimise impact on nature and wildlife. PolarQuest is a proud member of AECO (Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators), an organisation promoting sustainable tourism in Svalbard.

Secure payment

PolarQuest places all revenue in a bond with the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency until the completion of your expedition.