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Travel with awareness


The mean temperature is rising and the glaciers are melting. Micro plastics and chemicals are polluting our seas and the world needs to make an instant change. PolarQuest has the privilege to visit the parts of the world that are most exposed to climate change – the Arctic and Antarctic. A journey through these spectacular wildernesses evokes a lot of feelings and creates memories for life. Help us to preserve it for generations to come!

Tourism holds a great responsibility when it comes to education and making observations and is one of few businesses that gains on preserving the areas we visit. It is a necessity for our survival. We as trip operators, can observe both changes in the environment as well as other industries and how they act.

We travel in small groups and strive to have minimal impact on the environment. Our ships in Svalbard take 12 or 50 passengers and if you ask us, small expedition ships are the most sustainable way to explore the wildlife and nature of Svalbard. Imagine, viewing a walrus in a group of 10–50 passengers, or to do so in a group of 250–500 passengers!


As operators of expedition cruises, we cannot avoid emitting greenhouse gases. Until renewable fuels are available in our line of business, we have chosen to carbon offset our emissions and invest in projects with positive effects on nature, to be transparent with our emissions and to do our best to reduce our emissions continuously. PolarQuest has, in cooperation with South Pole, measured all our emissions from flights, over-land transports, expedition cruises, meals and hotel nights as well as our office’s climate impact. 

The projects that PolarQuest invests in have been developed by South Pole. You can find more information about South Pole on