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Webinar – Svalbard with Doug Allan

We are proud to present award-winning polar photographer and cameraman Doug Allan, known for his stunning work on series such as Planet Earth and Frozen Planet, as a special lecturer on one of our Svalbard expeditions on board M/S Quest this July. Want to learn more about this upcoming Arctic adventure with Doug Allan? Watch our recorded webinar! During this virtual tour, he will tell you more about the magical world of Svalbard and what you have the chance to experience on this expedition. Joining Doug Allan for this webinar is Niklas Nilsson, Svalbard expert and travel consultant. The presentation will last approximately 35 minutes and will be followed by a Q&A session.

Webinar – East Greenland

Would you like to learn more about our adventures on M/S Balto in East Greenland? Watch this recourded webinar from January 2024. During this virtual tour one of PolarQuest's most experienced Greenland guides, Gunilla Lindh, will tell you more about our cruises in the Sermilik area of East Greenland.

Webinar: Svalbard - the realm of the midnight sun

Do you dream of exploring Svalbard, this remote archipelago where the magical midnight sun reigns supreme and majestic polar bears roam freely? Listen to our recorded webinar from November 2023 for an exciting virtual journey into the Arctic wilderness. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Svalbard through words and images and listen to stories about its unique places, amazing wildlife, and dramatic seasons.

Webinar – Expedition Svalbard

In February 2023, we arranged a webinar about Expedition Svalbard, our adventure that runs in July, August and September. What is the difference between a trip in July and a trip in September, what can a typical expedition day look like and which is the ultimate ship for you? This and much more Niklas Nilsson, Svalbard expert and rewarded nature photographer, will answer on this virtual tour through the enchanting world of Svalbard.

Webinar – Springtime in Svalbard

Maybe you are dreaming of an expedition cruise in Svalbard, but do not know what month to go? Maybe you have been to Svalbard during the summer months, but are now eager to explore the Arctic spring? Or you may just want to be inspired and dream about beautiful snow-capped mountain peaks for a while? We believe that this recorded webinar from September 2021 with Niklas Nilsson, travel consultant and photographer at PolarQuest, will give you a lot of answers and inspiration and also explain why PolarQuest like this season so much.

Webinar – Svalbard

Let us invite you to watch our recorded webinar från February 2022 about the archipelago that holds a special place in our hearts: Svalbard! Learn more about this magical place, its fascinating wildlife, shifting seasons and remarkable stories of explorers, whose quest for the North Pole started in Svalbard. The presentation are given by Christian Engelke, Expedition leader at PolarQuest and Niklas Nilsson, travel consultant and photographer at PolarQuest.

Webinar: Svalbard – the realm of the polar bear

Halfway between mainland Norway and the North Pole lies the realm of the polar bear – Svalbard. For more than two decades we have taken travellers on once-in-a-lifetime journeys through the magnificent wilderness. Today we call ourselves polar specialists. The very best part of our job is to share our passion and knowledge about our incredible polar regions. Therefore, we would love to invite you to watch this webinar recorded in November 2022! The presentation is given by Niklas Nilsson, travel consultant and awarded nature photographer at PolarQuest.

Webinar – Spitzbergen in german

Sehen Sie sich unser im Dezember 2023 aufgezeichnetes Webinar über den norwegischen Archipel Svalbard (früher Spitzbergen) an. Lernen Sie mehr über diesen magischen Ort, sein faszinierendes Tierleben, die wechselnden Saisons und die Geschichte der historischen Entdecker. Die Präsentation wird von Christian Engelke, einem unserer langjährigen Expeditionsleiter gehalten. Die Vortragssprache des Webinars ist Deutsch.