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A key to a successful expedition is having knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides. If you are interested in joining the PolarQuest expedition team, you can find an application form at the bottom of this page. 

Established in 1999, PolarQuest has long experience of arranging small ship expedition cruises in Svalbard and other polar destinations. Our key priorities are:

  • Safety
  • Respect for nature and wildlife
  • Small groups of 12 – 50 passengers
  • Five-star nature experiences
  • A personal interaction with guests
  • A respectful and thriving cooperation with ship owners and other partners
  • A close and personal contact with our guides
  • A well-established feedback culture


We travel in small groups and strive to have minimal impact on the environment. Our ships in the Arctic take 12 or 50 passengers and if you ask us, small expedition ships are the best and most sustainable way to explore the wildlife and nature of the Arctic. We also believe it adds top quality to the guest experience, to view wildlife in a group of 10–50 passengers, compared to doing so in a group of hundreds of passengers. Our vessels in Svalbard are M/S Stockholm (12 passengers and 2 guides), M/S Sjøveien (12 passengers and 2 guides) and M/S Quest (50 passengers and 5 guides). In Greenland we operate M/S Balto (12 passengers and 2 guides).


When working for PolarQuest you automatically become part of the PolarQuest family. At the headquarters in Gothenburg, we have an ashore team of 14 polar enthusiasts, who strive to have a personal relationship to all our guides. Every year we arrange a Guide Seminar in Gothenburg, where we visit the shooting range, brush up on our weapon maintenance skills and undertake a first aid course. Other activities differ from year to year but can include Zodiac practise or polar bear safety courses. We are also inviting you several points of contact during the year, to keep you up to speed with regulation, organizational changes and logistics.  


PolarQuest is, along with well-recognized organisational expert Lars Rokkjaer, developing tools to create the best possible communication structures as well as implementing a healthy feedback and listening culture.  


As operators of expedition cruises, we cannot avoid emitting greenhouse gases. Until renewable fuels or other technical sustainable solutions are available, we have chosen to offset and invest in projects with positive effects on nature. We are transparent with our emissions and do our best to reduce our emissions continuously. PolarQuest has, in cooperation with the company South Pole, measured all our emissions from flights, over-land transports, expedition cruises, meals and hotel nights as well as our office’s climate impact since 2019. Our giving back program gives an opportunity to anyone who’s work contributes to a sustainable planet to apply for a free berth on one of our ships in the Arctic.   


Our aim is that all travellers get a new understanding of the eco system and the challenges we are facing as our planet is getting warmer. Once back home, we hope they become ambassadors of the Polar Regions. A deeper awareness hopefully leads to a broader interest for nature conservation and inspires to lifestyle changes. How we think and act in our everyday responsibilities can make a big difference. 


PolarQuest is one of the eight companies that founded the Association of Arctic Expeditions Cruise Operators (AECO) in 2003, to regulate tourism in Svalbard and promote sustainable, environmentally friendly and safe tourism in the area. The organization strives to conduct expeditions with the utmost respect for nature and wildlife and to set the highest possible operating standards in the Arctic.   


Polluted coastlines are a growing problem for wildlife, who risks getting caught in fishing nets or eat plastics, and micro plastics is a bigger threat to our eco system than we ever could have imagined. PolarQuest and our travellers have always collected garbage during our expeditions and today we do so through the project “Clean Up Svalbard”. Through the years we have collected tons, an activity that is very appreciated by both guides and guests.  We are also partaking in the project “Clean Seas – turn the tide on plastic”. As part of the work to combat marine plastic pollution, AECO’s members will drastically cut back on single-use plastics on Arctic expedition cruise vessels.



Would you like to work as expedition staff on board our vessels in the Arctic and deliver unforgettable experiences to our guests? Please fill in below application form. We will get in touch with you should we have a position available or if we have additional questions. Thank you!  

Please be advised: Due to a high volume of job inquiries, we are currently unable to respond to each one individually. Our priority is to review and respond to applications from candidates with relevant experience from the Polar Regions and those who possess all the necessary certifications.