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The office

When you call our office you will speak to members of staff, whom all have been to Svalbard themselves. Our enthusiastic travel consultants can answer all of your questions prior to the trip.

  • Marie Lannborn Barker


    PolarQuest’s CEO Marie cannot imagine a better job than to inspire others to travel to the unique destinations that PolarQuest offer. Svalbard turned out to be a life changing experience for Marie, and since then her travels to Antarctica and South Georgia, India and the New Zealand Sub-Antarctic Islands have broadened her interest in wildlife and nature. Preserving these areas is a strong driving force of hers.
  • Johanna Vakkila

    Product Manager

    Johanna is a member of the PolarQuest management team and she deals with productions as well as communications. She has been to Svalbard, Antarctica, the Russian Arctic, Mongolia and southern Africa with PolarQuest. The Polar regions have a special place in her heart, and she loves to get to know other cultures – not to forget the reptiles! When not on the road, Johanna enjoys writing and illustrating.
  • Lillemor Främberg

    Expedition planner & Travel consultant

    Lillemor is PolarQuest's airline expert. She handles almost all our group flights and she is always up to date on departures and arrivals, flight codes, connections as well as all logistics regarding our trips to Svalbard. During her childhood, Lillemor spent some years in Burundi and Tanzania. The African continent still has a special place in her heart.
  • Carina Svensson

    Expedition planner & Travel consultant

    Carina plans and coordinates our trips to Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falkland Islands, Galapagos Islands, the Norwegian coast and Svalbard. Naturally, she has been to all these exciting PolarQuest destinations, as well as to Franz Josef Land, the Hebrides, and many other exotic places around the world. Carina has an endless supply of energy and outside the office you will usually find her kayaking or exploring a far off mountain peak.
  • Niklas Nilsson

    Travel consultant & photographer

    Niklas mainly works with the planning and coordinating of our expedition’s cruises to Svalbard. As a professional photographer and filmmaker, he has a certain eye for the high quality images that characterize all PolarQuest’s marketing material and logbooks. Niklas has travelled to both Antarctica and Svalbard with PolarQuest. He has a great interest in our nature and wildlife and when he is not at the office he enjoys spending time outdoor with his camera.
  • Johan Reuthammar

    Business director

    Johan is PolarQuest’s business director and a member of the PolarQuest management team. His work focuses on budgets and the overall economy, as well as dealing with our partners around the world. Johan loves the travel industry, especially now that he works for such a unique and interesting company as PolarQuest. Outside the office Johan prefers active trips, such as skiing in the Alps or diving in warm waters.
  • Mia Lundqvist

    Guide Manager

    Mia coordinates and is responsible for all PolarQuest guides and expedition teams. She also works as a PolarQuest-guide herself, in Svalbard and Antarctica. Mia loves PolarQuest's proficiency in providing true expeditions for ordinary people, and she reckons Svalbard is a great destination for anyone who is longing for a true break from everyday life. Needless to say, Mia enjoys travelling, whether it involves climbing mountains or exploring the deep seas.
  • Emma Nilsson

    Marketing Manager

    Emma is PolarQuest’s marketing manager. Energetically she produces brochures, advertisements, events and newsletters. She has travelled to Svalbard, Greenland, Scotland and the Norwegian coast on PolarQuest trips, as well as to many other places around the world where Borneo and Sri Lanka are among her favourites. Emma is pleased to be part of all that PolarQuest has to offer: unique destinations and exciting ways to explore the world.
  • Sara Larsson

    Marketing assistent

    Sara loves to write and works with PolarQuest’s newsletters, social media and events. It is the work with some of the world’s most remote and unspoiled places that inspire her the most. When not in office you she to be in the nature, and most of all out on sea on a sailing boat.
  • Heidi Lähteenmäki Sander

    Expedition planner & Travel consultant

    Heidi works with the planning and coordinating of our trips to Svalbard. She has already put many miles behind as she has travelled by train through Asia on the Trans-Siberian railroad, by bus along the east coast of Australia, by car to the Niagara Falls, sailed along the coast of Turkey, tried rafting in Central America and Zodiac cruised in Svalbard. To discover wildlife, nature and culture that differs from what she is used to at home is her greatest interest and something that is close to her heart.