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Hacienda Cusin

Hacienda Cusin with its colonial style and fantastic garden from the 17th Century is located near Otavalo. In the lobby we are greeted by a crackling fire in the fireplace. With beamed ceilings and beautiful furnishings, the rooms follow a domestic theme with antique wooden desks and beds with hand-woven bedspreads. A delicious breakfast is served in the morning and one of the region's specialties at dinner in the evening.

Cultura Manor

Cultura Manor is a boutique hotel with a wonderful mix of European traditions and modern trends. In 1933, this building won the architectural prize of Quito, which is given to the most exceptionally beautiful buildings in the city. It was then a mansion and home to Ecuador's most prestigious elite club, where the upper class gathered to discuss business, hunting trips and the country's future. It has now, after many decades, been carefully restored to maintain the original unique interior and its charm.

Mansion Alcazar

Entering the Hotel Mansion Alcazar is like traveling back in time to the end of the 19th century. Its classic architecture evokes the golden years of Ecuador's early days. The interior, both lobby and hotel room, brings us to a refined style of elegance and distinction from a glamorous era. It contains a selection of fine furniture, ornaments and objects that once graced the city's most luxurious homes and estates.