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A very nice museum where you can learn about the history of Svalbard, from the discovery to the Svalbard we see today. The permanent exhibition is texted in English and Norwegian and gives great insight into the life in Svalbard, both the past and presence. The museum is open all year round.


This museum presents the most exciting expedition stories in the Arctics at the turn of the last century. The museum passes on the history and shows how important the North Pole expeditions have been to the Arctic region. The exhibition is located across two floors, and consists of original expedition film footage, pictures, telegrams, newspapers, ship and plane models and other artifacts. The museum is centrally located in Longyearbyen, just behind the UNIS (University building) near the fjord.


Located at 78°N, the Svalbard Brewery is the northernmost commercial brewery in the world. Here you can enjoy one of the signature beers containing ice from the local 2 000-year-old Bogerbreen glacier. Starting up in 2011, it took a few years until the brewery could serve their first beer. First, the owners of the establishment had to push and wait for changes in the Norwegian law, to be allowed to brew alcohol in Svalbard. In 2015 the efforts to change the law, going back to 1928, succeeded and the first beers were served to locals and visitors in August 2015. Book a guided tour in advance and experience the northernmost commercial brewery.


After being built in 1921, the church was bombed in WWII, only to be rebuilt in 1956. The Svalbard Church was the world’s northernmost church until 2017, when St. Nicolas Church was built in Nagurskoye, Russia. Today it is still a meeting place and venue for both religious services and cultural gatherings. The church is normally open 24 hours every day. 


Along the main street in Longyearbyen, you can find several shops. Svalbard is a duty-free zone, so you can find outdoor clothing and equipment at favourable prices. There are also a lot of unique Svalbard souvenirs.


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